Monday, February 20, 2017

Bebop Socks

I'm getting caught up on posting about finished projects.  Here's another, my Bebop Socks.  This was the exclusive monthly colorway in February, 2016 at The Loopy Ewe.  The yarn was dyed to compliment this photo.  The original is titled Car_0807.

February 2016 - Color: Bebop

My friend, S, and I are having a little knitalong - details are here.  We can make whatever we want as long as we use the color-of-the-month and finish before the month is over.  So far, I'm sticking to socks.  I'm not a fan of pooling, so try to come up with a patterning that will break up the clusters of similar colors.


Pattern:  Cast on 60 sts.,Waffle stitch on leg, stocking stitch foot,
short row heel, shaped toe.

Needles:  US #0/ 2.0 mm

Size:  Medium

Color exclusive to The Loopy Ewe:

Ravelry Link:  Bebop Socks

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kiwi Socks

At work we've declared Mondays to be "Mad Socks Monday" and several employees wear their wild and crazy socks.  Since I like wild socks anyway, this appeals to me, especially since it gives me an excuse (as if I needed one) to knit less-than-subtle footwear.  This time I made socks that stripe like a kiwi.  Why not?!  I've already made socks in other colorways from the dyer, Abi, e.g. Watermelons and Mardi Gras.  There will be more in the future, I have no doubt.  Bacon & Eggs, perhaps?


Cast on 60 sts., K2, P2 ribbing for 12 rounds, 
Stocking stitch leg for 75 rounds, Short row heel,
 Stocking stitch foot for 50 rounds, Shaped toe.

US #0 / 2.0 mm


Yarn:  Kiwi Fruit Self-striping Sock Yarn
Artistic Yarn By Abi

Ravelry Link:  Kiwi Socks

Friday, February 17, 2017

Recent Finds


It's been a very long time since I listened to a podcast.  I used to listen to 3 or 4 of them, gradually ending up with just one.  I think I finally drifted away after David Reidy discontinued his in, I think, 2012..  Now, just today, I've discovered a video podcast on You Tube that I'm enjoying quite a lot.  I found Fruity Knitting, episode 16, with hosts Andrew and Andrea Doig.  I discovered it because of the Google key word "fairisle" and "podcast", but there is much more than fairisle in this and other episodes.

I'm only halfway through it and I'm already planning to check out the others.  I like the tone of the podcast, the quality of the filming, and the content:  I've just seen what's on their needles in a segment called Under Construction and a visit with knitter/designer Jenn Steingass of Lovewool-Knits, on Ravelry, in their Knitters Of The World segment.  Afterwards, I'm going to check out the pattern that Andrea is knitting:  League by Veronik Avery.  I love the sweater that she is wearing.  I wonder if there is a pattern available for it.


I get email updates from the yarn company Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts, a local-to-me (Calgary), company that dyes yarn in the most fabulous colors. I first discovered them at the Olds Fibre Week in Olds, Alberta a few years ago.  A bit of yarn followed me home then.  A new, limited edition colorway spoke to me recently and I had to order a skein.  It's called From The Ashes:

80% Superwash Fine Merino 20% Nylon 3 Ply Fingering / Sock
525 meters / 578 yds per 150 gram / 5.25ox skein
gauge:  27 - 32 sts / 4 inches (10 cm)  US 1.5 - 3 or 2.5 - 3.25 mm

It's a large skein of yarn, more than enough to knit a pair of socks and then to share with my friend, S.  I haven't chosen a pattern yet.  I want something that will really show off the colors to best advantage.  I'm wondering if just a simple stocking stitch leg will work without any serious pooling of colors.


Going to Colorful Yarns in Centennial, CO is always fun.  I drop in whenever I'm in Colorado and I almost always leave a few dollars behind in the store.  Tiffany (the owner) has many unique, one-of-a-kind yarns that you likely won't see elsewhere and she is always on top of the latest trends and up-to-date on the classics as well.  She is wonderful at supporting indy dyers.  The last time I was there I came across a new-to-me gadget used to keep your stitches on your circular needle when you're not working on your project.  It's called a Needle Keeper.  

It's a light-weight metal tube, open at one end.  At the other end has a rubber (or plastic?) stopper with a slot in which to insert both ends of your circular needles.  They won't come back out unless you pull them out.  I bought a red one.  Sometimes (actually, often) I have more than one project on the needles so I've now added a blue one to my collection of gadgets.  I've learned that these are quite widely available.  Now I know and I'm happy to have found them.  I wonder what I'll find next when I'm in Colorful Yarns in June?


Jamieson's of Shetland (no connection to Jamieson & Smith, by the way), has a short video on their website about how raw fleece is manufactured into yarn and cloth.  I like both companies so much and glad to have had a chance to tour both.  At Jamieson's I bought a lovely sweater, gloves and, of course, yarn.  Here's the link to the video:  Jamieson's.  Given the opportunity, I would be glad to visit both companies again and I would especially like to join in on the knitting get-together at Jamieson & Smith, sitting around the table in the store and knit with the others.

Watching for:

My friend, A, gave me a heads-up about the late winter issue of Vogue Knitting.  I've checked, but it wasn't in the Chapters Bookstore yet.  They had the winter issue, but not the late winter magazine.  I'm told that the issue has quite a bit of Canadian content.  I also like the sweater on the cover.  It's nice to see a new Kaffe Fassett design.

Okay, time to go back to watch the remainder of the podcast and knit my sock.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I saw this singer on the Graham Norton show and he is awesome.  Since hearing the song, it's been stuck in my head.  I'll be adding it to my playlist.

He goes by the name Rag'n'Bone Man and the song is "Human".  Enjoy.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Knitting A Galley

Jamieson & Smith are hosting a knitalong, the Fire Festival KAL, and I couldn't resist joining.

Here are the parameters:
  • You can make anything you like.
  • You must use at least 5 of the 8 colors that they have listed - no additional colors are permitted. 

  • There must be some Fair Isle in what you're making.
  • Once the Fire Festival knitalong was announced you could start knitting.  The finishing deadline is March 20th.
I've been following the posts on the Ravelry group and the pictures of finished projects are coming in almost daily.  It's amazing what everyone has come up with:  hats, scarves, sweaters....and more.

For my project, I decided to make a cover for my hot water bottle.  To me, there was a sense of symmetry between the Up Helly Aa/Fire Festival event and a hot water bottle - a merging of theme and purpose.

I was going to try to come up with something totally original, but I had come across various patterns that I could combine for mine - and all were free.  There was no need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.  For the hot water bottle cover I used the Three Seasons in Scotland (Ravelry link) by Hanna Weibye as my template.  The flames were from a pair of socks, Hot Rod Socks and the Viking ship is a graph that I found on the Tricksy Knitter site.

When I put them all together and created a pattern in Excel, I ended up with this:

I decided to add the words -- UP HELLY AA -- in gray, the color of smoke.  I had planned to use 7 of the 8 colors in the version you see, above.  Since then, I've decided to add some fish in the water at the bottom with color #8.  The back and front are the same.

The cover is knitted from the top down and, as of today, I have the top half of the ships knitted so I'm getting close to finishing.  My ships have sails!  I'm really enjoying this.  It's so different than anything I've made before.  Shortly, I'll be back with pictures of the FO (finished object).

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ready For Mardi Gras

One of my goals for 2017 was to knit socks, as many as I have time for.  I've got lots of sock yarn that I like, and I wear my handmade socks often.  I ended January with two pairs.  Here's the lastest pair.


  Generic.  Cast on 60 sts., K1, P1 Rib for 12 rounds, Stocking Stitch leg for 75 rounds, Short row heel, Stocking Stitch foot for 50 rounds, Shaped toe.

US #0 / 2.0 mm


Yarn:  Mardi Gras Self-striping sock yarn
Artistic Yarn By Abi

Note:  Abi's yarns are colorful and fun to knit with.  I've already made socks with her Watermelon and I have Kiwi on the needles.  I love these Mardi Gras colors.  Here's my Ravelry link.

Laissez les bon temps rouler - Let the good times roll.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Up Helly Aa 2017

I've just finished watching Lerwick, Shetland's Up Helly Aa procession online and it was amazing.  I would have loved to have been there in person.  Here are a few pictures captured from the screen. You can click on any picture to enlarge it.

For those of us who couldn't be in Shetland, it was great that it was streamed live online.

The marchers are gathering, preparing for the procession.

The procession.  There are around 1000 marchers, almost 900 of them are carrying torches.

The torches are thrown onto the Viking galley.

The galley is burning.  A new one will be made for next year.

The parade ends when the ship's mast is down.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Shetland Fire Festival

Have you ever been to Shetland?  Yes?  No?  Would you like to go tomorrow, Tuesday, January 31st?  The cost is free - no airfare, no hotel cost.

The annual Fire Festival, "Up Helly Aa" is going to be streamed online and I, for one, will be watching.  There are various activities during the day with the highlight being the parade and the burning of the Viking galley at night.  It all starts at 7:00 pm, Shetland time.  For me, in mountain time, that's noon.

I'm taking some vacation time in order to watch.  While watching, I'll be knitting my Fire Festival knitalong project, the hot water bottle cover:
I'll be adding some fish in the water when I get to that point in the knitting.
There is lots of good background information - here.

To watch the festivities online, the link is here.  It's brought to you by 60N magazine on Channel 3.

Get out your knitting and your Viking garb and have fun!

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Butch Trucks

RIP Butch Trucks, one of the drummers in the Allman Brothers Band.

If you don't recognize the musicians, that's Butch wearing the blue Moogis t-shirt.  His nephew, Derek, in the plaid shirt, is playing slide guitar.  So much talent in one family, and there are other family members who are also musicians.

I was fortunate enough to see the Allman Brothers Band twice:  first in Columbia, Maryland in 2012 and then in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2013.  Both shows were fabulous.  I wish I could have been to more shows before they disbanded in 2014, but, thankfully, the music lives on.  Watch the video in full screen, turn up the volume, and enjoy.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Let 2017 Begin

I still haven't blogged about all my finished projects from 2016 and there is one from 2015, but I thought I'd start the year off on the right foot, so to speak.

Last year the yarn store, The Loopy Ewe, offered an exclusive sock yarn colorway each month along with a matching notecard.  The yarn was dyed by Blue Moon Fiber Arts, the Socks That Rock people.  The cards were based on photographs by Image Words of Fort Collins.  The picture this month is called Frosty Ridge.  The colors are beautiful and I collected the colors of all 12 months, as did my friend, S.

By the end of the year, neither of us had knit anything with the yarn so we decided to have a little knitalong in which we would make something with the yarn.  Starting on January 1, 2017 we would knit something with the yarn from January, 2016 - and so on throughout this year.  The goal is to finish by the last day of each month.  S. is making a hat.

January 2016 - Color: Frozen Valley
I've decided to make socks every month and would look for a texture pattern that would break up any potential pooling of the colors.  For January I chose the Herringbone Rib pattern for the leg and on top of the foot, worked over 60 stitches:

Round 1:  Knit.
Round 2:  *K2, slip 1 purlwise, K1, yo, pass the slip stitch over both the yo and the K1 stitch.

I was happy with the results and would use this pattern on another pair of socks.  However, for this knitalong, I'd like to try out a different textured pattern each month.


Pattern:  Cast on 60 sts., Herringbone stitch on leg and top of foot,
short row heel, shaped toe.

Needles:  US #0/ 2.0 mm

Size:  Medium

Color exclusive to The Loopy Ewe:
"Frozen Valley"

Note:  I had quite a bit of yarn remaining so I've decided to make another pair of socks, Bonus Socks.  I started with working the cuff of each sock with the January yarn.  Each month I'll add a stripe with the remaining yarn until, at the end of the year, I'll have a pair of crazy striped socks.

Bonus socks - cuffs

The name for next month's color is Bebop.  It's bright and colorful and I'm looking forward to knitting with it.  Now, to find a good pool-busting pattern to use and then wait patiently for the Feburary 1st cast on.