Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jag är Bohus Stickning

I am Bohus knitting.

I'm just taking a break for a few minutes from working on my Bohus sweater.  Have you ever made something that you liked so much that you wanted to do it over and over again in every possible pattern and colorway?  It's early in the knitting, but I think that the Bohus is going to be like that for me.  I look at the pictures on websites, blogs, Flickr, Ravelry, in books such as Poems in Color and the DVD from Schoolhouse Press (excellent, by the way) and so many of them are tempting.  It was hard to choose the one that I did, the Large Lace Collar pullover.  I'm into the fun part, the colorwork.  Let's see if I'm still in love with this sweater once I get to the endless rows of black knitting. 

The yarn is thin, about a fingering weight, maybe lighter, a 50 merino/50 angora blend.  The pullover is worked from the neck down.  The neckband is done with 2.0mm (US 0) needles.  Now I'm onto the "big" needles:  2.25 (US 1)! 

At the suggestion of my friend, Sheila, we started a knitalong/support group that meets at the library at the Streets of Southglenn, Room "A", the first Monday of each month.  We have the room from 5pm until closing time, although we usually only stay until about 7:30.  If you're in the area and you're working on a Bohus, come and join us.  We'd love to have you.

I'll post a picture of my Bohus-in-progress soon, probably on the weekend, but for now, here is a little video that I found.  It's describing an exhibit that ran from late January to the end of March last year.  It was presented by the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, MN and called "Radiant Knits:  The Bohus Tradition." You can order the small booklet that was available at the exhibit through Schoolhouse Press.

Enjoy the video.  I'm off to knit another row or two before I call it a day.

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JelliDonut said...

I want to knit a Bohus but I cannot choose a pattern. I'm kind of on the opposite side of the fence--I'm pretty sure there will be only one Bohus in my knitting lifetime. But I'll never know if I don't make up my mind!