Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Project

I was shopping my stash recently and came across 4 balls of some navy blue yarn.  As you can see, this color doesn't photograph well.  Since I've decided to give the Bohus a bit of break, this will be the perfect baby project.

More details later.

It's going to be a short break as I'm going to get back to my Bohus in a few days now that I've decided what I want to do.  Thanks to everyone who sent me messages with their opinions.  I weighed all the options.

I've now ripped out the section that I didn't like.  I'm going to keep the rest that you saw in Tuesday's photo.  I'll stay with the 1x1 ribbing as it is more traditional. Hopefully it will look better, to my eye, when I reknit.  The colorwork will be finished soon and then it's onto miles (approximately) of plain black knitting.

Last time I mentioned that my Knit Picks circular needles were separating.  I want to clarify something.  It's not one of the interchangeable needles.  It's only size 2.5 mm/US #1 and it's supposed to be fixed.  It wasn't.  I tried to glue the metal casing and the cord back together, but it didn't work out.  As soon as I put glue on the metal part, it drizzled inside and then the cord wouldn't fit back in.  I trashed the needles.  Another set bites the dust.

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Unknown said...

OoooooH, not good to have a regular circular needle come apart. BAD NEEDLE!!!