Monday, August 9, 2010


I was going through a file of pictures on my flash drive recently and came across this one that I'd saved:

I like this sweater a lot and I'd love to make it, but I can't find the pattern.  All I know is that it's from either Bouton d'Or or Anny Blatt.  If anyone has any information, I'd like to hear from you.  I don't mind if the pattern is in French.  I have written to the company, but so far I haven't had a reply.  I guess I could always deconstruct it and make my own version. 

Speaking of fabulous designs, how I'd love to make some of the beautiful art sweaters sold by Peruvian Connection.  I wish they'd issue a book of knitting patterns.  I've been admiring their sweaters for years. 

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Unknown said...

Joanne, Interweave Knits Issue No.1 does have one on the cover with the pattern inside. If you don't have it, and if Interweave doesn't, I would loan you my issue.