Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Right Stuff - Part Two

Back on May 30th I showed you a sweater I knit for my daughter and her friends, back in the 1990s when they were in their early teens. Here's part 2 of that post.

While I knit about a hundred of the "Album" sweater, I only made one of each of the following sweaters. The yarn is from Phildar and I can't remember the name of it. It's a DK weight. These were a lot more work. It's a good thing that I like intarsia so much. I had so much fun designing them, knitting and espcially seeing her wearing and enjoying them.

First up, this is the Joey McIntyre sweater. He's one of the New Kids on the Block. This was inspired by the picture which was part of her bedspread, behind the sweater. His face is on the sweater front,

his autograph with "Love and Luck", on the back.

Well, I couldn't just stop at two NKOTB sweaters. I had to make a third one.  However, I can't put my finger on the pictures, so I'll save that for Part 3.  If I could have found the pics, you would have been spared a third part!

I also made a Vanilla Ice sweater.  I know, many of you are groaning now!  On the front he is posed in front of a graffiti wall, flashing the sign he used to make with his his fingers, similar to the Vulcan salute.  The sleeves have more graffiti.

On the back is his name and the title of his album.

Have you had enough?  Do I hear you crying "uncle"?  Knitting for young girls was so much fun and it was probably the time when I did the most knitting and designing and had the most fun.


JelliDonut said...

Those sweaters are hysterical! They belong in a museum. Awesome!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Wow, what a great Mother you are and knitter -- those sweaters belong in a pop-culture hall of fame! Maybe you'll get to start all over with grandchildren.

Hannah said...

I love this. These sweaters are hysterical and you are a super cool mom for making them!
I am going to tell people on my blog about this and send them to yours.

Author said...

Hello do you still have this and is it for sale? could i commission you to make me one? i love this very much.