Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doubling My Pleasure

If once is really good, then twice must be really, REALLY good.  Last year I went to the Paramount Theater in Denver to hear and see the Playing For Change Band.  I was lucky enough to be sitting in the front row, center.  After the show, those in this section were invited to stay and meet the group.  Not only was each and every musician talented, funny and obviously in love with what they were doing, but they were nice, too.  They posed for pictures, answered questions and enthusiastically interacted with their fans.  I've seen a LOT of bands over the years - but this group is definitely in my top favorites for live performances (Santana puts on a dynamite live show).

So, imagine how thrilled I was to hear that they were coming back to the area, to the Boulder Theater on November 5th.  Yesterday, I was ready, on the computer, to buy my ticket the minute they were available and, again, I'm in the front row, in the center.  I absolutely cannot wait to hear  Clarence Bekker (Amsterdam) with his powerful voice, Mermans Kenkosenki (Matadi, Congo) who is not a great singer but a guy who can't stand still and has the crowd laughing and singing along with him; Grandpa Elliott (New Orleans) who is soulful, charming and a crowd favorite; and all the other musicians and singers. 

I feel very lucky to be seeing them again.  But first, I'm checking out L'il Ed and the Blues Imperials on Thursday.  I've never seen him before, but from the clips I've looked at online, I'm betting that I'll be smiling a lot after his show.  I'll post about it on the weekend. 

Here's a video about Playing For Change from their website:

At the end of this clip, if you want to hear more, there should be a group of related videos at the bottom and you can click on them.

I love their postive energy and their message.  I felt the same thing when I saw Bob Marley in 1976.

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