Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hillswick Lumber - The Yarn

A lovely package from Yarns International arrived in the mail yesterday.  No, it wasn't a surprise.  I did place the order. This is one bag of yarn, but it's packed two rows high, so I flipped the bag over to show both sides. 

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This beautiful wool is to make "Hillswick Lumber" from the book The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Anne Feitelson.  You can see what the finished sweater looks like using the colors above, if you click here.  The yarn is the same as what is called for in the pattern.  I found this closeup on another website, here.  It's 2-ply Jumper Weight Yarn from Jamieson & Smith.

There is a knitalong for this sweater, starting in a few days, and another picture of what it looks like when finished here.

I really shouldn't be starting another sweater.  Project monogamy is not one of my strengths. 

My initial reaction to the sweater when I saw the picture was how pretty it is, and that I don't have a sweater in this color.  My second reaction was to wonder how I can cut down on the bulk under the arms.  Since the yarn only arrived on Friday, I haven't made that decision yet, but I'm thinking that narrowing the sleeves will help a great deal.  I'll revisit that issue when I start knitting.

First, I'll need to work a swatch.  I love traditional sweaters and I'm happy to be adding another one to my project list - along with all the 1,697 others already on it!

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