Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rowan 48

Rowan's largest magazine yet, #48, recently showed up in my mailbox along with this year's gift.  The gift is a knitting bag and I have to admit, it smells kind of stinky.  It's made of burlap.  I put it outside to air out and the smell is improving quickly.

There are a number of designs that inspire me.  I like the fairisle design "Nonna" by Erika Knight and if I was to make it, I'd be tempted to use the same colors as in the magazine.  It's very pretty, a little bright, and quite cheerful.  I'd love to change Grace Melville's "Natalya" into a more classic jacket.  It's a nice plaid design.  Marie Wallin's "Vera" also drew me in immediately, and in the exact colors shown.

It's nice to see that Kaffe Fassett continues to contribute to the Rowan magazine.  His "Lidiya" makes me want to start pulling out dozens of colors and start knitting away.  I'd made it as a sweater, not as a dress, however.  I do wish that he'd come out with some totally new and distinctive designs.  I also wish he put all those designs into a new book.  I miss the anticipation and excitement I felt when his first books on knitting were published.  I would savor every page.

I'm not thrilled with the huge, oversized cabled pieces.  I love cables and aran knitting, but these don't do it for me.  How lovely that there is a section called "Timeless" which contains feminine sweaters, some worn by a distinguished older lady. 

There are a couple of articles and I wish there were more, and not much crochet, which pleases me since I don't crochet.  All in all, it's a good offering this time around.

One of the items on my bucket list is to visit Rowan in England and perhaps take a class.  I've been a fan since the very beginning.  If I ever get caught up on all my current knitting, I'd love to join the Rowan Project (can't remember where I read about it, Ravelry, perhaps?) in which you knit something from every magazine.  Changes are allowed in order to make the sweater, or whatever, suit your own taste, but you are to rely heavily on the aspects of the original design.

I'll make some of the designs, but I don't know about one from every magazine.

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JelliDonut said...

Yes, visiting Rowan would be a trip of a lifetime. Some day...