Friday, August 6, 2010

The Vacation Blues

If all has gone as planned, then I am in Kitchener, Ontario right now for the Kitchener Blues Festival.  I love, love, love listening to live music:  the tunes, the excitement, the ambiance, the enthusiastic crowds, everything. 
First, I had planned my trip to Canada to go to Kingston (hometown) to see my parents, and then found out that my daughter, son-in-law and grandson were flying in from Calgary to go to a couple of weddings.  Bonus.  Then, I realized that my trip would coincide with the Blues Festival.  Another bonus, as I could go there first before heading to Kingston.  Then, I found out that one of my favourite (Canadian spelling - I'm in Canada!!) bands was playing.  I'm going to listen to Delta Moon tonight.  I haven't heard them for three years.  Here's a clip from when they played the Kennedy Center.

This knitter has her priorities.  My hotel is not only walking distance from the Festival fun, but also walking distance to a yarn shop, Yarn Indulgences.  I'm heading over there this morning.  I need to find a ball of yarn to add another block to my travel afghan.  I'll blog about it when I get back home.  By the way, I didn't bring my laptop with me on this trip, but I have written and scheduled posts for the time I'm away, so I hope that you'll check back.   

Have a good day ~ Bonne journée!

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Nancy G said...

Wow, at first I thought you were planning to attend a gathering of folks who hate grafting their sock toes! Glad to know it's about great music, instead. 8^)