Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blogging Again

Hi everybody,

I'm back, with a brand new WORKING monitor and I love it.  Except for the expense of buying a new monitor, I'm glad that the old one broke down.  This one has incredible clarity, 23" widescreen (great for watching those knitting or music videos!) and 4 USB ports.  I was so good to me!

I'm getting caught up on posting.  Here is a picture of hats and sweets that I sent off to a friend's grandson in Afghanistan, some things to share with his friends.  More goodies went in after I packed the hats.  The box was quite full.

An update on Compassion In Action (helping the homeless in Denver).  The cut-off date for donating is November 1st.  We're going to be handing out clothing, knitted items, etc. on November 6th.  Thanks so much to everyone who has donated their good new and used clothing; knitted hats, scarves and socks; and other miscellaneous well as their time.  If you are in the Denver area and need me to pick up your donation, shoot me an email and we'll co-ordinate a time.

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I'm working on the Carmichael Aran and will have more directions for you very soon.

Until next time..... thanks for reading.


JelliDonut said...

Deadlines sure do sneak up on me! Will get my things together. Glad you're back in business.

Dave Daniels said...

Congrats on the new monitor. I'm anxiously awaiting getting a new computer, this old thing is ready for the antique-mart.