Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Incredible Blogs

I like browsing around the blogisphere to see what people are knitting.  Since I'm usually knitting, reading and listening to music all at the same time, the blogs that draw me in quickly are ones with lots of pictures and color.  The blog I landed on this morning fit the bill perfectly, Seduced By Yarn

I also like to:
-- see projects coming together, especially if it's a fairisle sweater, a Starmore, or Kaffe Fassett, or maybe a Dale ski sweater, anything advanced and challenging as they are inspirational and awe-inspiring,
-- read about knitting classes, trips or events, e.g. Northern Lace and Shades Of Shetland,
-- see what designers and/or authors are coming up with next,
-- read blogs by knitters in faraway places, learning about their country and culture, and
-- educational blogs, as there is always something new to learn in knitting.

Do you know of an incredible blog?  If so, post about it in the comments.  One person, chosen at random, who makes a suggestion will win a prize, and an incredible prize it will be, the new Aran Knitting book by Alice Starmore.  I got mine yesterday and I think I'll have to have it laminated as I'm drooling over it!  More on the book later.

So, are you still reading?  Shouldn't you be off leaving me a suggestion for an absolutely fantastic knitting blog?  I'll post the winner on October 11th.


SusanB-knits said...

Thanks for the shout out!
I'm thinking you may already know about the following blogs but it is worth mentioning them:


How about a couple of online magazines?

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

I'm enjoying the newly revised Knitty Blog

pam schmidt said...

I love to read Anne Hanson's blog at knitspot.com

Deb C. said...

I like Dances With Wool from Iceland.

Nancy G said...

One of my favorites (besides the obvious Yarn Harlot and Crazy Aunt Purl) is Stitches of Violet: