Friday, September 10, 2010


Do you Twitter?  I follow some fun and interesting people from everyday life, some I've met, some I've only talked to on Twitter and then through email.  I follow the news from CNN and the Denver Post.  Some of the people makes me laugh a lot, e.g. Zappos.   

We all know how thought-provoking and how funny the Yarn Harlot is, and even being limited to 140 characters doesn't slow her down.  A few hours ago she posted a comment that I totally agree with as I would rather be 3 hours early for anything than 5 minutes late. I really dislike it when someone is late, seems disrespectful and inconsiderate to me, unless they have a good reason, of course.  Here's what the Yarn Harlot had to say:

 Late people make me crazy- even when it doesn't have anything to do with me. Do what you say you will people!

I'm glad that the weekend is here and I can get back to knitting.  It's been a very busy work-week, but there was my guitar lesson in the middle which I enjoyed a LOT. 
I'll have some finished knitting projects to show you soon.  One is a scarf that I made months ago but I need to block it.

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