Friday, November 19, 2010

HELP! I need somebody.....

I'm working on a new project, a hat for a guy I work with.  When he asked me to make it, many months ago, and described it, I thought it was a circular knitted cap.  Wrong! 

He brought his hat into work and asked if I could knit one similar to it.  Here's a picture:

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My co-workers were saying, "oh Joanne can make that, she can make anything".  Well, yes, I probably can make it, but it would take some time to deconstruct and then make the pattern and knit it.  I'd really like to speed things up and get knitting for my little grandson, so that's where you come in. 

Have you ever seen a hat constructed like this, knitted circularly, a snug-fitting, helmet-style?  A friend gave me a pattern that she found that was very similar (thanks!), but was knitted flat and seamed up the back.  I really want to work in the round.  I'm not concerned about the stitch that's used, although learning what it is would be a bonus.  I can always decide on a nice textured pattern later.  It's the construction that I'm striving for now.

I've already chosen the yarn:  Plymouth Yarns Baby Alpaca "Ampato", an aran/heavy-worsted weight, very nice and soft-to-the-touch yarn in a charcoal/gray tweed color (#500), about 4 stitches = 1 inch on size 8 needles.

This picture was found here:
He wanted a tweedy-effect yarn, and I'm willing to choose a thinner weight for a suitable pattern. you know of a pattern, or can you make a suggestion on how to make a hat like this?


JelliDonut said...

Never seen this one, but I like it very much! I hope someone can help you out.

Dave Daniels said...

That looks similar my helmet hat I made a few years ago.
To make this version, you'd probably start by knitting the ear flaps first, making two. Then, cast on more and join the two. Then knit up as regular. The top doesn't look like decrease stitches, more like a cylinder with the top gathered in.
But, hey, why copy another hat when you can create him something new?