Monday, December 20, 2010

Keep On Keeping On

Now that I'm doing some knitting again, and I plan to finish up languishing projects, I thought I'd start with the Moderne Log Cabin Afghan from Mason-Dixon Knitting - an easy, all garter stitch, mindless, watching-hockey-on-TV project.  If you click on the link, it takes you to Amazon and the book containing the pattern.  Actually, the entire pattern for this project is on Amazon, if you're interested.  The book, however, is worth adding to your knitting library.

When last I worked on the afghan, I was knitting block number 8, the second to last block before doing the border:

The pattern claims that there are 9 blocks, but the last two are actually done in intarsia (one of my favorite techniques), so it looks like there are 10 blocks:

I've rotated the schematic so that it's lying the same way as the picture of my afghan.  As you can see, number 8 is the last block on the bottom.  I still have to do number 9 - the two blocks at the left.

I don't mind row after row of garter stitch as it's a nice break from more challenging projects.  I have a new, intarsia project in the planning stages.  More on that later.

My goal is to finish up the Moderne Log Cabin by the middle of January.

**Note:  I had put up the wrong schematic earlier today (it was for the baby blanket).  The one shown now is the one I'm using.

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