Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kingston - Part 2

Kingston is also known as The Limestone City.  I found this blog with interesting pictures.  Some of the pictures are of the Marine Museum which houses a number of artifacts from my ancestors who owned the Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Company.  One of the people in this picture is either my Grandfather or Great-Grandfather.  I must ask my mother, who is a Donnelly, and the family historian.  She'll know.  Update:  The man who is seated on the left is my Great-grandfather.  A couple of the men on the ship are great uncles.

The many limestone buildings are beautiful, especially in the autumn.  The combination of the gray buildings and brightly colored maple leaves are awesome.  Many of the limestone buildings are part of Queen's University.  Here are a couple of them:

Ontario Hall
Grant Hall 
Also built with limestone is the Kingston Penitentiary, one of 9 prisons in the Kingston area.

This picture was taken through the front windshield, not out of fear but because it was cold outside and I thought I could get as good a picture from inside the car.

Kingston's City Hall is a beautiful building, across the street from Centennial Park and Lake Ontario.  It's a must-see for visitors for Kingston.  In the summer there are many boats from all over in the Habour.  It's a good starting point for tourists.

The last stops on our trip through Kingston will be tomorrow.  Stayed tuned for Part 3.

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