Friday, December 17, 2010

Playing For Change 2010

The Playing For Change touring band came back to Colorado in 2010, to the Boulder Theater.  I sat in almost the same location as in the previous year when they were at the Paramount Theater in Denver....front row, center. 

I spoke with the people around me, and it turns out that they sat within a couple of seats in the same row the year before.  We all wondered if we'd see each other again next year as I understand that the band are planning another tour.  Their concert is so much fun and the musicians so talented that I'll go again without hesitation.

Here are a few pictures from November 5, 2010: 

The Boulder Theater, Boulder, Colorado

Vocals/harmonica, the very popular  Grandpa Elliott (New Orleans) and vocalist Clarence Bekker (Netherlands/Suriname) - he, alone, is worth the price of of admission.

New addition of famed Senegalese guitarist Ilon Ba (Baaba Maal)

Percussionist Mohammed Alidu (Northern Ghana), playing the Talking Drum

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