Monday, January 24, 2011

Fighting With My Knitting

Sometimes I just wish I would listen to myself. 

I didn't listen this time and now I've got some re-knitting to do, again.

The front and back of Braydon's red sweater are complete and I've sewn the left shoulder seam.  Now, onto the right where the buttonhole band was already made.

First, I worked on the neckband and when it got to be just over half an inch I thought, "that looks long enough", but I kept on, making it 1-inch in length as called for in the pattern.  I pinned the right shoulder and realized that it was, indeed, too long.  So, I ripped out the bind off row, tore back a few rows and did the bind off again.  Better.

I picked up the stitches around the neck exactly as the pattern described and find that the neckband is not as long as the buttonhole band.  See the arrow.  That's where the shortfall is.  Why I didn't just listen to my inner knitter and make it the same length, I don't know.  I trusted the pattern blindly.  Silly me.

Although, even if I had've made the neckband longer, to reach to the end of the buttonhole band, I'd probably be ripping again anyway.  The pattern calls for 4 buttons on the shoulder.  My buttons are a little larger than the pattern described, so I made 3 buttonholes instead.  No problem there.  However, as you can see, there is no buttonhole on the neckband.  It would just hang open.  Had I made the neckband the proper length, I might have decided to add a snap to close it. 

I've decided to rip out the neckband and rework it, with a buttonhole and I'll add one more button.  By the way, on closer inspection of the picture on the pattern, there certainly appears to be a button on the neckband. 

Sheesh!!  I hope that this will be the last reworking of the neckband/shoulder closure as I want to get started on the sleeves - worked from the top down.

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