Saturday, January 15, 2011

Highly Recommended

I want to tell you about one of my favorite companies, the Textile Garden, in the UK, where I've bought buttons.

Why is it a favorite?  Here are some of my reasons:
  • I've found exactly the buttons I've been looking for when visits to local shops, online stores, etc. have failed.  The photos and information on the website are excellent. 
  • They sell more than just buttons.
  • Great customer service:  recently I ordered buttons for a very special project.  I waited and waited and they didn't arrive, so I dropped Marguerite an email.  Without hesitation she put a new package in the mail with expedited service.  The first package did turn up, but I appreciated the fact that she stands behind her customer's needs.  The delay was the fault of the post office, not the Textile Garden.  When I ordered previously the buttons came quickly.
  • Presentation is very nice.  The buttons were wrapped in colored tissue paper and held with a gold sticker.  It felt like getting a present.
  • It's fun to browse the website as there are so many temptations and inspirations. 
  • Ordering is easy via PayPal.
So, what did I buy?  I can't tell you just yet as they are for a stealth project!  Thanks, Marguerite!

As an added bonus, there was one this year's UK Christmas stamps on the envelope.  The one on my envelope showed Wallace with Gromit and his knitted sweater.  You've got to love a country that puts Wallace and Gromit on their Christmas stamps, don't you?  Click here to see all of them.

Do you have a favorite place to shop?  I'd love to hear about any that you'd recommend, whether online or in person.  Share the good information with us!

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JelliDonut said...

I really like Kaleidoscope Yarns, in Essex Junction, Vermont ( I can't get to Vermont as much as I'd like, but their online store is fantastic. They sent me a really great coffee mug with one of my orders--FREE! Fast, friendly service.