Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Justifying My Stash

I was watching the news on channel 9 in Denver this evening and they were talking about the shortage of sheep and the fact that wool prices are going up.  Then, I went to their website and found this:

"In the last year, products such as cotton have gone up by 119 percent. The price of wool saw a 35 to 40 percent increase.

At the National Western Stock Show, Peter Orwick, a representative from the American Sheep Industry, says wool prices are climbing because of an international shortage.

"There aren't enough sheep around the world right now," he said. "Prices are rising."

We, the knitters, need more sheep.  Well, I don't.  It's a good thing that I've been stashing wool for all these many years.


Sheila said...

SEE!!!!! We've always said that we buy because there may be a shortage someday. Uh-Huh!!!! We don't look so deranged now, do we?

Judy said...

So true Hedging against wool inflation is also known as stashing!!

JelliDonut said...

I am redeemed! There are some sales I'm going to hit this weekend and ask me if I feel guilty.

PAM said...

Yes! That sounds like a great excuse. We are actually "saving" money when we buy more yarn now!