Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Knitter - Issues 23 & 26

I used to subscribe to many knitting magazines, but over the years I've found less and less in them that interests me.  For my tastes there were too many shrugs, scarves, chunky garments, fingerless gloves, etc.  I found myself browsing through them looking for more classic garments, well-fitting, tailored using fine yarn.  Now, I just buy an occasional issue.

Then, I discovered The Knitter and in it were interesting and informative articles and at least one sweater that I'd consider knitting, perhaps with a change or two, but at least it caught my eye.  I've subscribed and I haven't been sorry.

Recently I noticed that two issues, #23 (left) and #26 had sweaters on the cover that showed promise, and to my eye, were quite similar.  Maybe it's the colors used and the fact that they are round neck cardigans. 

I would consider making either.  I like the sweater on the left better.  I've always liked the combination of gray and pink, but I'm not sure that the pink that was used is the right shade.  It seems a little washed out.  I would change the blue, too.  I think that it's distracting and takes your eye away from the overall design.  Perhaps a very deep blue, deep purple or black would appeal to me more.

As for the sweater on the right, I like the lace cardigan.  It's practical and pretty and could be worn over a dress or with jeans.  I don't like the creative treatment that the sleeves have been given.  It seems to me to be a mismatch.  I wouldn't mind an all-lace cardigan or a sweater with an all-over pattern like the bottom portion of the sleeves, but not both in the same sweater.

By the way, I do have one other knitting subscription and that's for the Rowan Magazines.  I discovered them decades ago and no matter what's in them, I always buy the new issue.  Sometimes I like it, sometimes not.  I'm not happy with the addition of crochet because I have very limited interest in it.  I like the earlier issues, although many designs are dated, but are workable and could be changed for the current times.  Maybe, in the future, I'll look back at the current issues and like the designs. 

Perhaps I'm behind the times.  In both cases, I read them for the articles more than the knitting patterns.  I have no shortage of projects to finish up.  My goal for this year is to achieve a long list of finished projects.

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