Sunday, January 23, 2011

Roots Scarf - Finished

When I decided to design the Roots scarf, I was more focused on the roots than the actual tree.  I was imagining all the trees in the forest with their roots intermingling underground.  After I designed it, I read the following on Ramblings, on the website of the musical/blues group, Delta Moon.

"The largest living organism in North America isn’t a tree. It’s an aspen forest in Colorado. All the trees are connected through the roots, so the whole forest is considered a single organism.

On some unseen level humans are like that too. Call it what you want to – and people call it many things – the connection is there."

They were expressing, much better than I could, what I was trying to say.  You can read the full post on Tom Gray's Journal page by clicking here.

I finished this scarf in 2010 but only today is it being blocked.  I'm giving it to a co-worker, Linda, as a huge thank you.


Roots Scarf

Yarn:  100% qiviut from Windy Valley Muskox
Color:  natural, undyed (brown)
2 balls, 218 yards each

Needles:  3.25mm/US #3

Blocked Size:  10" x 57"

Notes:  As I'm writing this the scarf is being blocked.  First, I gave it a bath in Soak (scent:  citrus).  When I took it out of the water I noticed a distinct smell, like moth balls.  I don't know if it's the Soak, the yarn or a combination of the two.  I'm hoping that the smell will go away when it dries.  I'd hate to give a gift that smells of moth balls!

Update:  Later in the evening, same day:  The scarf is now dry and smell of moth balls is gone!