Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mullet Socks - The Beginning

I've decided what to do with the Moose Toes Sock Yarn that I bought from Cabin Cove recently. 

Picture is from the Cabin Cove website.  Used with permission.
The socks that I'm going to make will be called Mullet Socks.  Now, if you remember the popular(?) mullet hairstyle from a couple of decades ago, that's my inspiration.  Don't remember it?  Think of Billy Ray Cyrus.

In the posts to come, I'll explain why I chose that name.  I've already started knitting, so I'll have a picture for you in a few days.


Typstatting said...

Should be a very interesting pair of socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dave Daniels said...

I'm SO anxious to see these!