Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Lyin', I'm Knittin' a Lion!

I got the okay from the designer, Audrey, to talk about the test-knitting project that I'll be doing for her.  I'm going to be knitting a lion hand puppet.

The following two pictures are hers.  I'll have pictures of my own shortly. 

Isn't he adorable?  You can see more pictures on Audrey's Ravelry page, click here.

I now have the pattern and it also includes patterns for a dog, a rabbit and a dinosaur.  I've read over the pattern and it appears to be very well-written.  There are a lot of pictures to help the knitter to understand exactly what they need to do - good for a new knitter and reassuring for an experienced knitter.

When I'm finished with the knitting and giving any suggestions that I may have to Audrey, the lion will be sent to Calgary to my grandson.  I just know that he's going to love it.  But, who's going to have the most fun - grandma as the knitter, or Braydon?


JelliDonut said...

I couldn't imagine what you were going to do with that yarn--adorable! I would love something like this for my granddaughter.

Nancy G said...

That is SO cute! I may have to make this for my niece's little guy. I, too, was having difficulty seeing you knitting with the novelty yarn.