Friday, March 11, 2011

Allerleisocken ... und mehr!

Isn't it fun to find blogs with interesting and inspiring knitting projects? 

I've been a reader of Ingrid's blog "allerleisocken ... und mehr!" for a while and she recently posted about an afghan she made using sock yarn - click here.  Many times, when something is made out of sock yarn, it still looks like sock yarn, but hers is done in such a way that it goes beyond the yarn.  I have a lot of sock yarn (a lot), and also a lot of Koigu which would also work.

Of course, when visiting websites, one click leads to another and I found Ulli's Blog, specifically this post from 2009 where you can see her bright and colorful afghan, plus a link to her pattern, here.

I might have to start making the occasional block as this could a good long-term project:  finish a pair of socks, make a square.  It would be a good travel project, too, as it's portable and easy to do.  It also becomes a memory-afghan.

It'll be fun!! - Es wird Spaß machen!!

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