Saturday, March 19, 2011

Assembling the Materials

As I posted yesterday, I'm going to make a pullover for Braydon with the letter "B" on the front. 

I have the yarn, Berocco Pure Merino DK, which is now discontinued.  I can't imagine why they would discontinue such a nice yarn.  Obviously the company didn't ask me for my opinion.

Main color (left): #4523 Baba Au Rhum. Contrast Colors: #4501 Ecru and #4574 Chocolate

Rather than design a plain, modified drop shoulder sweater on which to knit the "B" motif I'm going to use a pattern from a book I haven't used in about 25 years, "Maine Woods Woolies" by Hélène Rush.

Browsing through the book has brought back memories.  For example, next to the pattern of the Aran Pullover (page 33) and the Sampler Pullover (page 64) I wrote "GOOD", meaning that it was a good pattern, clear and well-written and that the sweater turn out as planned, and there are yarn labels stapled to the pages.  I was also reminded that there was no yarn store in the town where I lived and I bought my yarn at Woolworth's.  The yarn really wasn't too bad for children's clothing.  For the Aran I used "Paton's Parade", which I'm betting has long been discontinued.  For the Sampler sweater there are two labels, so I must have made it twice, once with Picasso by Argyll DK and once with Jessan Malibu.  The price tag is still on the Malibu label.  It was 75 cents, marked down from $1.00 for a 50g ball. 

This time, I'm following the instructions given for the Penguin Pullover on page 57. 

I've started knitting the back of the sweater and later today I'll take out some knitter's graph paper and work on designing the letter "B" for the front.

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