Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The "B"

Braydon's "B" Pullover is coming along quickly.  The back and both sleeves are finished and are blocking right now.  I changed my mind on making it a modified drop-sleeve pullover, opting instead for raglan sleeves.  I had completed the back and had to rip out to the beginning of the armhole shaping.  I can't say that I minded.  Ripping back in knitting doesn't rip my heart out!  I just want to have a finished sweater that I like.  I made the decision as I was about to start the shaping on the sleeves, so there was no need to rip back on those.  Instead of following the instructions for the Penguin sweater in Maine Woods Woolies, I'm now using the Panda sweater on page 59 as a template.  I won't, however, be making the neck placket.

© JConklin 2011
The letter B is charted (in Excel) and ready to go.  I cast on last night and got the ribbing and a few rows of stocking stitch completed.  Tonight I'll be starting on the intarsia.

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