Friday, March 25, 2011

Fearless Fair Isle Knitting

I remember back in the early 1990s when knitting books were few and far between.  I would check the bookstore often, hoping that something new had been published.  When I found a new book that I liked I would pour over every word, every design, savoring the pictures, dreaming about making a new sweater. 

Over the years, it seems, there were new books every week.  I've purchased many and I love my knitting library.  I'm now cutting back greatly and only occasionally buy a new book.  What I'm seeing with so many books available is that they are either too similar to other ones on the market, or I just don't care for the designs, or I figure that I can make the design without the book.  Also, there is Ravelry, Patternfish, Knitty, Twist Collective, etc., where I can get something nice for free or little cost, buying just the pattern I want and not an entire book. 

I read on one of the online groups about a new book entitled "Fearless Fair Isle Knitting" by Kathleen Taylor.  I wasn't tempted at first as the hooded vest on the cover didn't grab my attention. 

Because the topic is fair isle, a technique I like, I did a search online to find out more.  I saw pictures of sweaters and graphs that appealed to me.  There is a section on techniques.  I decided that it would be a good addition to my bookcase.

I ordered the book and it arrived yesterday and I quickly flipped through it.  My first impression is that there is a lot of yellow in the pictures.  Of course, that wouldn't deter me from making a sweater that I liked otherwise.  Colors can be changed.  The photography shows off the projects well.  The knitting graphs are large and clear - just what you want when knitting with many colors.

If you like fair isle, chances are that you'll like this book.  I do.  I won't be casting on for any of the book's projects any time soon.  There are too many others, some of them fair isle, ahead of them in the queue.

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JelliDonut said...

I want to get better at fair isle. Will check this one out.