Wednesday, March 16, 2011


If you love birds and nature then you might want to check out the hummingbirds.  The link is here (there is a commercial before you can see the birds).  Mama Hummingbird is named Phoebe and her two little eggs hatched this past weekend.  Watching them on a monitor, it's easy to forget just how tiny they are.

I like to check in every day to watch as the babies grow, learn to fly and eventually leave the nest.  Right now they don't have their eyes open yet, and they are hungry little ones.  The nest is in a rose bush by a house in Southern California.  What a treat it is that the home owner shares this experience with us by setting up a camera.


JelliDonut said...

I watched those hummingbirds more hours than I care to admit last year--I was obsessed!

Nancy G said...

I had never seen hummingbird babies before; thanks so much for posting this, Joanne!