Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Am Knitter, Hear Me Roar

Braydon's hand puppet is finished and my test-knitting notes have been emailed to the designer.  It's a good pattern and was a fun, whimsical knitting project.  What an awful picture, below.  Trying to take a picture of a puppet which is on your hand is almost impossible, for me, at least.  I laid the puppet down and took this picture, but you can't see its lower jaw.  This one will do until I can take a better one in a few days. 

Since adding this picture I realize that I forgot the whiskers.
I'll add them for the next, hopefully better, photo.


  1 ball of Plymouth Encore DK, color 1382 - yellow
1 ball of Sirdar Foxy, color 0430 - sable (now discontinued)
1 ball of Lion Brand Fun Fur, color: 124 - champagne
Length of black DK for embroidery
** See note, below.

Needles:  U.S. #4/3.5mm

Pattern:  Contact Audrey knits.  I'll post the details when I know them.

Notes:  (1) ** Fun Fur and Foxy are pretty-much identical/interchangeable.  Two shades were used for depth of color, but you could use two strands of one color, thus saving the cost of a second ball of novelty yarn.  On Saturday, 3/5/11, Fun Fur was on sale at Joann's for $2.50/ball.  This is the same yarn that's used for the beards of Alan Dart's gnomes, by the way.  I picked up a pretty copper color in order to make an Irish leprechaun from the gnome pattern someday, if I ever get caught up!

(2) As Braydon is just over a year old I embroidered the eyes rather than sewing on buttons.  The buttons would have been much easier since they already look alike.  I did the eyes a couple of times in order to try to make them match as closely as possible.  I would have preferred to make the eyes and nose dark brown, but couldn't find that color in my stash, so black it is!

(3)  The pattern includes designs for a dog, dinosaur and a rabbit along with the lion.

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JelliDonut said...

Absolutely adorable! I hope the patterns are available soon.