Friday, March 18, 2011

J Is For Jessica

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Jessica.  She loved all of the sweaters that her mother made for her and there were many, as her mother loved to knit.  She knitted sweaters with animals, cartoon characters, piano keys, cables, textures and lots of colors.  One day she gave Jessica a sweater with a big letter 'J' on the front.  Jessica loved it and wore it often.

Jessica - Age 3 - Petawawa, Ontario
The years went by, too quickly it seems, and Jessica grew up.  She became a mother to an adorable little boy named Braydon.  "Ah ha", said her mother, "I'm a grandmother now and I'm going to knit for my grandson." She knit a sweater with a Smurf and another with stripes.  Then she thought to herself, "I must make a sweater like the one I made for Jessica, but with a big letter 'B' on the front."

One day Grandma was at her local yarn store, knitting with a nice group of ladies on a Friday night.  She decided to look in the half-price sale bin and there it was, the perfect yarn for the 'B' sweater.  It was a very nice yarn, sadly discontinued by the yarn company, and there was enough for a sweater for Braydon.  There were two colors of brown and she bought some of the lighter brown color and a ball of the dark brown color.  Grandma also had an almost-white color in her own little yarn store at home.  She calls that her "stash".

So now, grandma is knitting the sweater for Braydon and she hopes that he will like it.

The end.

Well, this story is at an end, but the knitting is now underway.  Details tomorrow.

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This is such a sweet post. :)