Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Update:  Check out the video, featuring the knitted Royal Family on YouTube.

With all the talk about the upcoming Royal wedding I shouldn't be surprised that there is a Royal wedding knitting book due out at any time now.  The characters are amazingly realistic.  The Queen looks like...well, the Queen.  And, Prince Philip is fully decked out in his military uniform.  Camilla tries to outshine the bride and groom, dressed in red.  Even the Queen's corgis are part of the festivities. 
(L-R) Prince Charles (not shown), Camilla, Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and the Royal corgis.
I can't help but wonder how many people are knitting up their own little Royal families.  This doesn't appear to be quick knitting with all the fine detail.  I'm betting that assembling and stuffing the pieces will take longer than the actual knitting.  

William and Kate
So, did I buy a copy of the pattern book?  I couldn't resist.  The book is "Knit Your Own Royal Wedding" by Fiona Goble, available here

Someday I'll post about another Royal book in my library, "Royal Knits" in case you want to make a little something for yourself?


Dave Daniels said...

That is TOO cute. I had to add that to my wish list.

JelliDonut said...

Adorable! I know I'll never knit it, but it's certainly eye candy.