Saturday, March 26, 2011

Triangle Squares Cushion - The Preparations

Today I'm making preparations to start the Triangle Squares Cushion:

(1) In Excel I graphed one of the squares from the pattern chart.  I tried to enlarge a square on the photocopier but it turned out blurry.  I only needed to chart one square as all 48 are the same, just the colors and yarns are different.

(2)  The pattern is very small and it's difficult to tell what yarns to use, so I made an enlarged chart in Word.  It's fine that the knitting is a challenge.  I don't need the pattern to be one.  At the bottom of the chart I listed the 19 yarns.  When I print this page, I'll draw in the symbols by hand.

If you decide to make this cushion, you're welcome to print out these pages for your own use only.  If you put them on your blog, please let me know and give credit and a link back here.  Thanks!

(3)  I've taken a file card and punched holes in it.  I'll make my own color card, adding snippets of the yarns.

(4)  I'm going to start with making just one block to test the gauge.  When it's finished, I plan to rip it out and measure the lengths of yarn.  Then, I can cut pieces of yarn for each of the blocks, except for the black borders.  This will make the tangling easier to deal with.  Each piece can be pulled free from the other yarns when I get to it.  I don't plan to use bobbins, except perhaps for the black outside borders. 

All this planning will make the actual knitting easier, faster and less stressful.  While I've been doing these preparations, the pieces of Braydon's 'B' sweater are blocked and drying.  I'll be sewing them together this weekend and then will start the neckband.

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JelliDonut said...

I looked at your pages and suddenly this pattern seems doable. I don't know if/when I would make it, but thanks for making me feel like I can! Nice job.