Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Belle Organic DK - Fit For A Queen

A couple of weeks ago I visited a new knitting/sewing store in Denver, Fabric Bliss. I found a yarn that I'd never seen before: Rowan by Amy Butler Belle Organic DK. I couldn't resist picking up one ball to do a test swatch and I chose color #002, Cornflower.  It's 50% organic wool and 50% organic cotton.  My first impression is very favorable.  It's soft and has excellent stitch definition.  One day I may get a sweater's worth.  There are many pretty colors to choose from, so it will be hard to decide, but I do really like this particular shade.  I thinking that a cabled cardigan would be nice.  Perhaps with some silver buttons.

In the meantime, I've found a perfect little project.  I'm using this yarn to knit a dress, hat and coat for Queen Elizabeth II.  The knitting of the dress is finished.  Both pieces are identical.  I just need to sew the front and back together.

Look at the waist shaping.  It appears that Her Majesty has a nice figure hiding under her coat!  This will probably be a long-term project as it's going to be a Christmas gift.  But, with all the talk about the Royal wedding, I was in the mood to start it now.  Besides, I had this nice new yarn to try out.

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JelliDonut said...

I've been trying to make time to visit Fabric Bliss for weeks. Really need to check it out. The queen's dress is adorable!