Sunday, April 17, 2011

I See Spots

First of all, the winner of the Stash bank contest, chosen at random, is SHIRL  Her pattern suggestion from Patternfish is a good one.  Patternfish is a wonderful resource (I have a couple of patterns on there too!).  Thanks to everyone who gave me such good ideas.  I've saved all the links and may be knitting some of the sweaters for Braydon in the future.  Shirl, if you could email me with your mailing address your bank will be in the mail on Monday.  Congratulations and Happy Stashing!!  And speaking of Patternfish, I purchased the pattern that I'm knitting now from that website. A happy coincidence.

Braydon's Blue Cable pullover is coming along quickly.  I'm ready to start the armhole shaping for the back of the sweater.  I'll be finished the back today.  Raglan sweaters finish up quickly after you reach the armholes because of all those decrease rows.

I'm also planning to start on row 5 of the blocks for the cushion today. 

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