Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Royal Knits

Obviously there was too much goodness for one blog post, so here is more from the Royal Knits book:

When the Queen's duties are done for the day and she wants to relax, she puts on her Corgi slippers.  She must be careful, however, that she doesn't trip on their tongues which reach to the floor.  I'll bet those dogs keep her feet warm as she sips her tea and knits, wearing a perfectly-matched sweater twinset, Royal sash and of course, her pearls.  A well-dressed sovereign can't be caught without her pearls, now, can she?

Even royalty must visit the same room as commoners, but she has a Royal throne in the loo with a knitted seat cover, trimmed with faux ermine.  And don't forget a lovely little mat to keep her feet warm, in case she isn't wearing her corgi slippers.

This book is a riot and I'm sure that I couldn't resist buying it because of the sheer whimsy of it all.  There are other patterns that are odd, too.  For example, there is a Royal Sporran for a Prince to wear with his kilt, or a vest for the vegetarian sportsman.  Instead of shooting geese or ducks, this sportsman has carrots and other veggies attached to his vest.  For a majestic breakfast there are egg cozies shaped like little crowns, plus the breakfast itself.  On the menu are bacon, eggs and sausages.

The designer/author wrote this in the Forward:  "The patterns are not to be taken too seriously or followed too slavishly."  Agreed!

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