Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Triangles and Squares

I've finished the first row of blocks of the Triangle Squares Cushion and I've really enjoyed the colorwork, intarsia, the yarns.  I know that the cushion is 24" wide, but somehow, seeing it "in person", it seems bigger than I pictured.  No problem, I'm just surprised.

What you're not seeing is the ends, carefully tucked under the knitting!  I like to weave them in after every few inches of knitting.

I prepared for the new row of blocks last Saturday and I'm working on it now.

As intarsia projects go, this one is quite easy.  With predictable color changes, it's not hard to memorize the pattern and just concentrate on the knitting.

One row of blocks finished, 15 more to go, counting all the rows, front and back of the cushion. 


fluffbuff said...

Your cushion is already looking good just after the first set of squares. Intarsia makes my head spin. You are very patient to embark on a project like this.

JelliDonut said...

That's absolutely gorgeous!

Ana Petrova said...

Very nice! Your colors are beautiful!