Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cute Male Model

And now walking the runway is mini-male-model, Braydon.  Braydon joins us fresh from his sick bed where the poor little guy had pneumonia.  He's feeling better and getting his spunky self back again, but he's not 100% yet.  He's modeling the "B" sweater that I made for him recently. I'm hoping that it will keep him warm and cozy.  It's a bit big for him right now, which is just what I'd planned.  By the time the cooler fall weather rolls around, it should be a good fit.

I plan to get back to his blue cable sweater on the weekend.  I'm afraid that the excitement of two very colorful projects, the Sock Yarn Afghan (42 small blocks + 1 large finished) and the Triangle Squares Cushion (now working on row 6 of the blocks), distracted me for a short while.  I'll continue to work on those, as well as a pair of socks, but in more equal shares, going forward.

Click on the picture to read the label.  Use your Back button to return here.
By the way, I finished off Braydon's sweater by adding a little label.  The color of the sweater is not accurate in this photo.  The correct color is in the first picture.

Coming up.... a new shop (since last October) in Denver, new yarn, new project, new temptation and a knitting dilemma. I hope to see you back here soon.

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