Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

While it is true that I like (that's putting it mildly) knitting, there is something else that I enjoy just as much.  Travel.  I've been very lucky to have visited 20 countries so far, and would love to add to that total.  So many places to visit, so little time and money.

Isn't this graphic a good inspiration for an afghan?

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and if you're celebrating, I hope that it's a good one.  At work, we're having a Cinco de Mayo potluck lunch.  I work with some excellent cooks.  I'm hungry just thinking about the buffet.  I didn't grow up with Mexican food so my contribution will be the drinks, and no, I'm not talking about tequila or mezcal.  I'd be glad to hear about any good dish to bring to next year's lunch, preferably something I can make the night before.

This brings me to wondering about knitting in Mexico.  I know that it's a warm weather country, but is there any knitting?  I've been to Mexico twice, both times to Puerto Vallarta (love it!) and I didn't see any yarn shops.  I know that knitting with wool would not be practical, but perhaps there are knitters who work with cotton or linen?  A lovely lace shawl would be perfect for the evenings, I'm thinking. 

Knitting in various countries and cultures interests me greatly.  I'll have to see what I can find out about Mexico.  If you know anything I'd love to read your comments.

By the way, I won't be posting on Thursdays for a while as it's the day for work, knitting and my guitar lesson!

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