Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cool New Yarn

On first glance it probably looks like I bought a skein of Christmas yarn in May.  Not so.  This yarn is cool, as in a summer-cool.  It's Watermelon sock yarn that I found on Etsy.

Okay, so you agree that the colors are right, but that's not enough to make it look like a watermelon.  Where are the seeds?  Well, they are there.  Check out this picture, click here.  Apparently any basic sock pattern will cause the yarn to stripe like a watermelon.  As soon as I free up a set of double pointed needles, I'm going to cast on. 

The skein is a generous 460 yards, fingering weight, so I'm going to snitch a little of it for my sock yarn afghan - a large block.  More on the afghan in a few days (so addictive!)

Here's the tag that was with the skein:

I'll let you know how it turns out.  Subtle yarn?  I don't think so.  I like that!


JelliDonut said...

I swear--the first thing I thought of when I saw the photo, before I even read the text--was WATERMELON!

LaDonna said...

I ordered some of that from the same etsy seller recently. I can't wait until it shows up. Every time she was offering it, I didn't have the extra cash but this time, the stars were aligned!

Anonymous said...

These socks are great. I made a pair and the yarn is soft and wonderful to work with. You will love them.

Sue Gordon

Anonymous said...

I love this yarn - it is so fun to watch the watermelon stripes form. When I got it I thought the colors were too garish to get the results I had seen in the photo - but together they work out perfectly.