Saturday, May 21, 2011


I'm actually writing this before I leave on my vacation.  If all went as planned, I'm now in Macon, in the heart of Georgia.

I have a mental list of places that I want to see someday and on that list is the Allman Brothers Museum at the Big House, here in Macon.  I learned that one of my favorite bands was going to be playing on the lawn, on a weekend, and it seemed like the ideal little trip for a couple of days.  To top it off, I had a credit with the airline that was soon going to expire, so I booked my flight and here I am. 

The plan for the day is to see Delta Moon tonight.  I've got my ticket, as well as a ticket to tour the museum.  I would also like to see the statue of Otis Redding, learn a bit about the Civil War history of the area, eat some genuine southern cooking (what is a collard green, anyway??), visit Creative Yarns, and more if there is time.

I suppose it's hoping for too much to meet Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly!!

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Ana Petrova said...

Otis Redding one of my favorites! I saw him perform at the Monterey Pop Festival waayyyy back..... Have a great time.