Friday, May 6, 2011

Project Spectrum 5

I'm a little behind, I guess, as I just learned about the new round of Project Spectrum, a wonderful idea from Lauren at Lolly Knitting Around.  Luckily it didn't start until the beginning of May, so I'm in. 
The idea is to promote awareness of things around us:  yarn, fabric, flowers, buildings, anything and then document your findings.  The Project lasts for seven months with a different color each month.  Here's the lineup:

May – Red
June – Green
July – Blue
August – Pink
September – Yellow
October – Cyan/Aqua
November – Black/White/Grey

I did a quick look around to see what was nearby that was red, so  here is my first little red collage:
I must dig into my yarn stash for some red sock yarn.  I know that there must be some in there.  Maybe I'll do a pair of socks each month is the color of the month.  By the way, there is a Ravelry group, here.

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