Saturday, July 30, 2011

Knits On Project Runway

Did you watch the first episode of Project Runway on Thursday night?  Did you see the knits on the show?

Excuse the slightly blurry pictures.  They are screen shots and the people were moving. 

There was Anthony Ryan Auld wearing this knitted scarf:

Heidi loved the scarf, repeatedly saying, "I want that scarf.".  I know that I've see this scarf as a pattern somewhere.  I wonder if any knitters were watching and decided to knit one and send it to her?

Olivier Green was wearing this fairisle sweater:

It's probably a machine knit and purchased in a store, but gorgeous just the same. 

I wonder if we'll see more knits on the show in the future.  I'll be watching.


JelliDonut said...

I missed the scarf! Didn't get home in time to see it. Will have to watch for the reruns.

Nell said...

I'd never seen the show before.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting - I thought Anthony Ryan Auld said that HE designed the scarf but that someone else knitted it.

Codi said...

He did say that he designed it, and it's a larger scale (maybe chunky yarn) than the morehousefarm scarf (which is worsted), which I knit for my mother in law for the Year of the Rat. It's definitely a cute scarf that gets some attention!