Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Friday

Just a bit of randomness for today:
- Thanks to everyone who made suggestions and comments about my Romany Vest.  I'm going to follow up on them and see if I can save this project,

- Project Runway is back.  Season 9.  There's not a lot that I like on TV these days, but this is a show that I'm totally taken with and glad to see that it has returned.  (My other guilty pleasures are "Breaking Bad" on AMC and the British soap "Eastenders".) 

This season there is another contestent from Denver, and how can you not love Tim Gunn?  He's a great part of the reason that I like this show. "See you on the runway!"

- I haven't blogged much lately, especially about knitting, since I've been working on only one project, the sock yarn afghan.  I'm enjoying the project as much as ever and my latest total is 348 small blocks and 6 large ones.  The banket is approximately 60 - 65% complete.  As much as I'm enjoying it, I'm really looking forward to working on other things as well, especially anything that needs finishing.  The list of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) is too long for me to feel comfortable about.  Now, I think I'll dig out my Queensland #10 book so that one of the projects can continue.  I'm doing Design #28 (right).  Only the left front piece is finished.  More on that project soon.

- A friend has just started a blog.  The main focus will be political commentary, but there will be other topics as well.  Check out "A Seasoned View" if you get a chance.  I doubt that there will be any knitting content, but I think that I see a knitter in one of the pictures on the wall!

- I hope that this link works for a while.  Check out Prince Charles and Camilla looking at the Knitted Royal Family during their visit to the Norfolk Flower Show.  Click here.

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