Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Knitting Gadget

I cannot deny that I like knitting gadgets and I have several, actually more than I'll ever need.  The majority of them come from companies specializing in such objects and charge for them accordingly.

Isn't it fun, then, when you think of a way to get a gadget free or for little money?  Many knitters have gone to the hardware store for little plastic washers, an inexpensive purchase that can replace stitch markers.

A few days ago I went to Fazoli's restaurant and I had a coupon for a free Italian Lemon Ice.  It came in a plastic cup with a dome and a good-sized hole cut into the dome.  Inspiration!!  I washed it out and now it is my little table-top garbage container.  I'm still working on my sock yarn afghan (now 85% finished!) and after each block I weave in ends, trim them, and deposit them into the cup. 

The fuller it gets, the prettier and more colorful it looks, so I'm in no rush to empty it out.  Table top garbage containers are widely available, e.g. Starbucks, in case you'd like one for yourself!!


Elizabeth GM said...

And then when it's full you can stuff a knitted or crocheted toy with the bits!

Anonymous said...

Orrrrrr, you could card it with some wool to make a confetti yarn.

Pam said...

...Or dump it into a bowl on the patio or windowsill and let the little birds make colorful nests with your scraps :)