Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thinking Anything But Green

FedEx delivered a large box to me today:

And what's inside?  Why, it's a box!

In knitting news, I packed my sock yarn afghan away today.  It's not destined to become a UFO (unfinished object).  I'm not going to allow that.  The project is too much fun to ignore.  Since I'm moving soon, it's too big a project to work on and carry around and I had to pack away all the sock yarn that I was clipping lengths from for it.  Once I'm settled into Calgary this project is moving back to the top of my list.  

I've now completed 8 large blocks.  Each one is equal in size to 4 small ones, so that makes 32.  Add to that the small blocks and I now have 498 blocks done, out of 566.  Not counting the border, I am about 88% finished. 

My projects for the next several weeks will be socks, of course, a shawlette and a sweater, and my Triangle Squares cushion which has been resting while I worked on the afghan.  I have no lack of projects.  Not only that, I understand that there are yarn stores in Calgary in case I need more to do!!

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JelliDonut said...

Best of luck with your move. That sock yarn blanket is amazing! I'd be really anxious to get back to that too.