Friday, September 23, 2011

Eye Candy Friday

I've heard many times that Canadians are very polite.  For the most part, I would agree.  When I was in Canmore a week ago I saw this bit of graffiti.  I think it's a shame when surfaces are defaced, but at least this person was polite about it and for that reason I chose it as eye candy.  A polite graffiti writer is something you don't often see.

"Sorry About Your Wall"
The picture is a little blurry and I snapped it quickly as I was driving by.  Distracted driving, I know.  Bad Joanne.  I'll be good from now on! 


Kourtney said...

In Regina, like 15 years ago, there was a politically correct graffito. I remember 'Parents Love Your Gay Children' and 'Vote' in particular... Not as funny as this guy, though.

Anonymous said...

What? No Profanity. No wonder the Canadian $$ is strong, the people polite and the country clean..Losers!!!!

Joanne said...

Dear Anonymous, if that's your real name,

You sound a wee bit jealous!!

(I know who anonymous is and that his post was meant as tongue-in-cheek!!)