Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knit & Caboodle

Downtown Canmore is beautiful, surrounded as it is with mountains.  As with any tourist-y mountain community I've been to there were a number of outdoor clothing stores, restaurants, souvenir stores and fudge shops.  What's with the fudge shops in these places?  I'm not complaining, but I wonder why they are so plentiful.  I also found a really good bagel place, the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company.

This is 9th Street, a block away from the main Street, and across from a yarn store.  Check out that mountain.  If you looked down the street in the opposite direction you'd have a similar view.  Yes, that's my vehicle on the left.

No trip is complete unless I visit a yarn shop, if there is one, and I found a very nice place called Knit & Caboodle.

I was immediately impressed when I walked in the store.  There was quite a variety of yarn, many that I recognized, Cascade, Sirdar, Manos del Uruguay, Madeline Tosh, Malabrigo, etc., and some that were new to me. 

What I really liked was the support of local entrepreneurs:  a couple of independent dyers, TwoJuniper Yarns and Bohoknits and yarn bowls by Canmore potter, Katie Borrowman.  One of the bowls followed me home as well as a skein of yarn for my Travel Afghan - more on my purchases another time.  The lady who was working was very nice and a talented knitter.  This is a shop that I look forward to visiting again.

The drive back to Calgary was much quicker.  It turns out that I really was on a secondary road when I went to Canmore.  I was on highway 1A, the old Trans-Canada, not highway 1, a busy, well-maintained divided highway. 


Cyndi in BC said...

I've had many Christmas gifts from Knit and Caboodle over the years. :)

So did you drive through Exshaw on your way to Canmore then? My son and his wife live there. Very beautiful valley!

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

Wonderful to read about your touring adventures and especially the yarn stores. Makes me want to drive through Western Canada again, last time I did it (20 some years ago) I was not knitting. Oh the fun I missed.
Love those mountain views!