Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten On Tuesday 9.27.11

Carole, from Carole Knits, emails a topic each Monday for Tuesday's blog posts.  You can participate every week or occasionally.  You can sign up here.  This is my first Ten On Tuesday post, so let's see if I can come up ten answers (aside from all the obvious ones):

10 Things You Do Every Day

#1.  Okay, the top of the list has to be knitting.  It's right up there with breathing and eating.  I wonder how many bloggers/knitters put that at the top of their list?  If I don't knit at least a few stitches in a day, check my pulse!  Add to that, thinking about designing, coming projects, yarns and the odd guilt feeling about the size of my stash!

#2.  Watch the news.  I need to know if there is trouble in the world.  If the world is ending, I will need to knit faster to complete a few projects first.

#3.  Email or talk to my friend in Georgia.

#4.  Browse Ravelry.  I like to see what friends are making, check out trends and often I end up trying to avoid temptations!

#5.  Read.  Currently I'm reading "Skydog" by Randy Poe.  It's the life story of guitarist Duane Allman, a very talented musician who packed a lot of living into a very few years.  In the same vein is...

#6.  Listen to music.  I like all kinds of music, except country.

#7.  Nap.  My idea of happy hour?  Taking a nap!  Z Z Z z z z   z   z  z  z  .............

#8.  Think about travelling to places all over the world, domestic and foreign.  So much world.  So little time.

#9.  Okay, I'm running out of ideas other than eating, showering, brushing my teeth, etc. etc. etc.  I'll continue on with things I do often:  watch Jeopardy.  I've been following the show since I was in high school.  I often do well from the comfort of my couch but I know if I ever went on the show the categories would be:  Chemistry, Medieval Battles, Men Named Thaddeus, Country Music (see #6), Ballet, Japanese Phrases and Places Beginning With X.  I'd set a new record for the largest loss in Jeopardy history.

10.  Blogging.  I enjoy blogging and try to post something almost everyday.  I also like to check other's blogs, but I often fall behind.   


Carole Knits said...

Good job with the topic!

Unknown said...

Looks great! I love your banner at the top - very creative.

I love how many people have added reading blogs to their lists... I didn't even think of that!!

Anonymous said...

Yes there is trouble in the world. Keep knitting. Thanks for the plug.