Friday, October 14, 2011

Jigsaw Afghan - 3.5 rows

I'm making progress on my Jigsaw afghan.  Block 6 on the fourth strip is now on my needles.  It's going pretty quickly and I'm weaving in the ends whenever I finish a square.

I'm using SandnesGarn Lanett which comes in a lot of colors.  I have more colors in my stash to choose from, but colors will be repeated.  So far I've used the following:

1. Light green #8913
2. Grey #1032
3. Royal blue #5836
4. Red #4119
5. Pale blue #5930
6. Teal #6855
7. Navy #5575
8. Orange #3309
9. Grape #4853
10. Black #1099

Now that I can see some of the puzzle pieces taking shape the afghan is becoming quite addictive.

Knitalong on Ravelry:  Why don't you join us? 

1 comment:

Judy said...

You are really moving along. I am on block 3 of row 1, half way through.