Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm Such A Lemming

This is Stonechat:

This is also a Stonechat:

The former is the Malabrigo sock yarn that I'm going to be using to make the Rainey Sisters' Bijoux Beaded Gloves.  The latter is a pretty African bird.

My friend, Sheila, is the enabler in this gloves project.  She and I and Pam S. will be making the gloves.  I have to admit that the gloves are lovely and I'm now living in a place where gloves are much more than a fashion statement.  They are a downright necessity.    I won't be starting immediately, but it would be nice to have them before it gets too cold. 

I'll need to find a good source of beads.  I've been all over the city checking out the local yarn shops.  Now, I'll have to see what it has to offer in the way of beads, assuming, of course, that I decide to add the beads.

Oh, the list of projects continues to grow.  I'm such a lemming, following my friends...and I wouldn't change it for the world!

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Kourtney said...

Well, the place to start for beads is by visiting Petronella at B-Dekk. It's recently relocated and is now at 124a, 17th avenue se, kinda by the Stampede Grounds. (It's on the N side of the street, parking is on the E side of the building. Signage is a little crappy.) There's also Susy-Q in Inglewood, although her prices seem higher, and service isn't as good. Those are the only two places I know of that carry the good, japanese seed beads, that have color that doesn't transfer, consistent size, etc etc. Of course, there's Beadworks in Kensington, Michaels, and Garden of Beaden in Northland Mall... but I'd start with Petronella at B-Dekk.
(PS: Once had a serious stash of stonechat in the silk merino but gave it to my mom so that she could enjoy it.)